Android provides you with an opportunity to install apps into your device. The role of the apps is to make your life easy and convenient. In the modern day, it is possible to get apps for almost everything. When looking for apps, it is important to know how often you will use the app. many people end up installing apps that they are likely never going to use and they end up being a waste. However, there are some important android apps that you need on your phone. Here are the most useful android apps in 2017.

Most useful android apps in 2017

Security apps

Security apps are meant to help you in locating your phone while there are others that help you inasdasdasd protecting your phone from viruses and malware. You might not use the security apps every other day, but one day you will be grateful that you installed them on your phone. Some of the important android apps that you need on your phone include avast mobile security and android device manager. Avast mobile security will protect your phone from viruses while the android device manager will help you in determining the location of your phone in case it is missing.

Social apps

The social apps have been in existence for a while, but they are even more prominent in 2017. The most popular social apps are Instagram and Facebook. These apps will help you easily access your social media accounts. Many people will agree that Instagram and Facebook apps give you an experience that you can never get on the desktop or mobile version of the site.


You need education and translation apps in your phone especially a time like this when the world is becoming a global village. The role of these apps is to help you understand and even learn foreign languages. Some of the popular apps when it comes to translation include Google translate and duolingo. Google translation helps in translating text and voice commands while duolingo mainly uses instructions to help you learn foreign languages.


Shopping apps

Online shopping is becoming a big thing today, and this has led to the development of several apps to make shopping easy. Some of the leading apps when it comes to online shopping include Amazon and eBay apps. These apps will allow you to shop and manage your orders just from the comfort of your phone.