When working on the vehicle engine, you need to take into account how the various parts will be protected inside the engine. Temperatures tend to rise rapidly in the engine, and so you should do anything possible to ensure they are protected. Powder coating is a common technique although car restores hobbyist that are average may not do this on their own. The following tips will help you get auto parts ready for the process.

Any part can be coatedpartcoated

Powder coating is possible for any auto part, whether it is valve cover, brakes, bracket or the entire vehicle frame.

Think about whether the arts can stand high temperatures

If you doubt if you can powder coat a given part, you first need to think critically about if it will stand up to 350 F of temperature or more. Powder coating baking is usually done at this temperature so if a pat will not withstand such high heat; then it cannot be powder coated.

Most parts have bearing and electronic components

Auto parts usually contain bearing or electronic parts that cannot be powder coated or replaced since they will not be able to stand high temperatures necessary for baking. Plastic parts and those with parts that are not removable may also not be able to withstand these high temperatures for powder coating.

Preparation for powder coating

To prepare parts for this process, remove everything from the auto part including gaskets, brackets, and bearings.

Removal of old paint

Sandpaper, sandblast, bead or chemicals can be used to remove old paint from the parts before the process begins.

Apply vapor degreaser

Apply industrial solvents like methyl ethyl ketone or vapor degreaser to the parts for complete cleaning. Avoid using your bare hands to touch these parts after application as oils in your hands may cause defects on the surface finish of the part.

Cover the parts

coverthepartsYou then should cover the areas of the parts that you want to powder coat with the high-temperature green tape. If you choose the right powder coating, you can machine the areas clean, but it is advisable that you cover them. It is common to machine auto parts like the cylinders, gasket surfaces, bolt taps and engine blocks.

Making the right choice when it comes to getting the right shop that has the right powder coating machines and equipment to carry out the coating process, is as important as preparing the auto parts for the process of powder coating. This tips will help you with the preparation.