Need a chainsaw – here is what to look for

Chainsaws are power tools that are used both as home tools and professional tools. They are used to cut, trim and prune trees and branches. The chainsaw is powered by an engine, which powers a metal chain at fast speeds that enable the tool to cut on surfaces. If one is looking own a chainsaw to do various tasks, what do they look for? Below are some considerations for one to look for?

What to look for in a chainsaw

Look at power source


Chainsaws will run on three different type of power source. They can either be gasoline powered, electrical powered or battery powered. Gasoline powered chainsaws run on a mixture of gasoline or oil that one can purchase premixed or mix by themselves. These type of chainsaws are considered very powerful and are best for handling heavy-duty tasks. However, they can also do light-duty tasks. They are also very noisy when in use and require constant maintenance.

Electrical chainsaws are powered by electricity. They are corded power tools. They can handle small jobs like trimming, light cutting and pruning. Such jobs require less power. Lastly, is the battery powered chainsaws? These are cordless chainsaws and are powered by batteries. The battery can either be lithium-ion which are the most commonly used batteries or nickel-cadmium which is the traditional battery found on the old model chainsaws.

Size of the chainsaw

When looking for a chainsaw one also needs to look at the size. How big the chainsaw is determined by the piston displacement and engine power. When choosing for dimension, one needs to factor their experience and proficiency of using the chainsaw. If one is not experienced, they need to select a small chainsaw that is easy to maneuver. One also needs to consider the nature of the job one will be tackling. Aspects to factor are the size of the tree and wood type. The larger tree, the bigger the chainsaw needs to be. Hardwood will also need a more powerful and bigger chainsaw as compared to softwood.


chainsaw3One also needs to consider the cost of the chainsaw. This will vary depending on different factors. This will include the kind of power source the chainsaw will be powered on. Secondly, the kind of jobs one will be tackling. For instance, heavy duty work will need a robust chainsaw which may be more costly. Finally, one needs to consider what it is they can afford to pay as they shop.…