Decorating a small living room can be challenging keeping in mind that space is limited. However, the process becomes easy when you pick the right furniture and décor items. Limited space should not affect the comfort in your home, and you should be able to live large even in a small space. Many interior design experts have even admitted small space decorating is easy because you can play with a small budget without spending a lot of resources. Here are tips on decorating a small living room.

Tips for decorating a small living room

Light, soft colored furnishings

The best way to decorate a small room without making it feel crowded is by using colored furnishings. Using soft colored sofas and furniture has a way of making the room feel fresh and spacious. You can use soft colored woods for your coffee table and TV stand to give the home a soft look. For the sofa, you can use a soft colored fabric as opposed to a colored one. The main aim is to make the room feel light and open, and soft colors will help you in achieving that.


Decorate using mirrors

Mirrors have the power to transform a space and especially the small spaces. Placing your mirrors in strategic areas of the home will help in making space look like a huge big space. For instance, placing a large mirror on one side of the wall will reflect the other side of the wall. This has an effect of making the space look and feels big.

Small-scale multi-purpose furniture


asdsadadaIt is possible to look for small-scale multi-purpose furniture to avoid crowding your room with unnecessary furniture. For instance, you can look for a coffee table with hidden storage or a poof that has hidden storage. At this time, you should avoid going for sofas with large arms because they will only end up taking your space for nothing. Look for interesting ways to transform your furniture to make maximum use of them.

Make use of the wall space

The challenge with small living rooms is the limited floor space. If the floor space is limited, then it is time to think about the wall space. There are a lot of things that you can do with the wall space to make it useful and still make your home feel organized. The use of floating shelves is one of the ways to make use of the wall space and still decorate your home.