An Introduction To Angkor Wat Temple

The Magnificent Angkor Wat Temple and all the other great temples in the vicinity that helped make this wonderful city so popular are in close proximity to the hotel.

Our staff will provide the convenience of tour arrangements and will help to recommend a good personal tour guide to take you around. Explore the ruins of ancient temples and marvel at the intricacy of some of the carvings on the walls and under the water on the river beds. Nowhere else in the world has such a rich legacy been inherited except here in the land of the Angkors.

Replicas of Cow-bells, Gongs and the common Paddy-sickles are some examples of artefacts that tourists like to take home as a souvenir for friends back home. They make marvelous conversational pieces since these items constitute the very basis of the Khmer heritage. However, there is nothing like being here in the land of the Khmer forefathers and truly experience for oneself the awe of their legacy.